Portable Terra Firm - Full Review Article

Portable Terra Firm - Full Review Article

The great team at Total Motorcycle loved the innovation of our product and reached out to us to do a review of The Original Bike Buddy! 

We're thrilled about their interest in our product and you can find the full review here

Here's a quick excerpt of what they wrote:

"I don’t know about you, but I have three or four kickstand pucks already. Some basic, some nice, some in-between. And when I find myself in the rare position of needing to park on uneven ground, I play a little mental game with myself. I try to remember where I stashed a kickstand puck last time I used one, usually four or five months ago. Hit or miss on whether I remember, so then I go searching. Tank bag, panniers, jacket pocket, fairing box. If it’s in none of those places, I’m hunting for a bit of wood or a flat stone like every other chump with poor organizational skills."

“How many times have you parked your bike on a suspect surface and though “Eehhhhh…it’ll be fine.”? Was it fine?”

The Bike Buddy is a carefully crafted, innovative product with an all-day affordable price tag. For what it is and what it does, I can’t think of any reason not to own one. This is easily an Editor’s Choice product.

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